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“Your success is directly linked to the amount of time, effort and money you are willing to invest in your business” -Larissa Davila

consulting services

We have the credentials, expertise and the support of field experts in each business segment to work with your team and develop strategies for extraordinary development and to overcome growth pains.



Most entrepreneurs do 1 or 2 business plans in their lifetime, we do them for a living. Our BP’s are not intended to fulfill loan requisites, our goal is to achieve a successful business foundation.

BENCHMARKING & Market Research

Information can help add value to your business to lead the market in your field, we know where to look and how to interpret key aspects of the market so that you can strategically use your resources.

Process Standardization

Customers’ loyalty and business’ prestige is achieved with quality products and services for every customer in each transaction. This can only be achieved with process standardization.

Focus Groups

We assemble groups of people in guided discussions to provide feedback on topics of interest for your business, product or initiative so that you can make educated & cost-effective business decisions.

Quality ControL

Businesses succeed with implementation of strong quality controls. We assist you to identify your organization’s quality control metrics and train your personnel to provide excellent customer service.

Bilingual Community Outreach

BCO services the needs of an increasingly multicultural society and the internationalization of corporations by providing quality translation and interpretation services in English/Spanish

Simultaneous Translations

English/Spanish interpretation services in conference settings with professional equipment: Simultaneous, Whispered and Escort. Additionally, we provide document translations for conference materials.

Consecutive Interpretations

Our interpreters are proficient in English and Spanish languages and have extraordinary interpersonal skills. This service is commonly used for: 1-on-1 or Small Meetings and Phone & Video Conferences.

Legal Document Translation

We offer document translations of legal documents such as birth certificates, divorce decrees and school transcripts. We also do culturized translations for business plans, flyers, infographics, etc.

corporate branding

Every business must have a strong identity to thrive. We will work with you to establish a successful, strategic and positive corporate identity and on ways to embed it into your target audience. Please click below to see our latest work.

Website Development

We accommodate to your business needs and can work with most platforms to assist you to achieve your goals. Whether you want to sell services, products or blog.

Graphic Design

We are already a one-stop-shop for your business needs, so we will provide with graphic design services for basic logos and will incorporate it to your corporate branding.

Online Presence

We can provide one-on-one consulting to develop online presence plans for your business or the strategy and the graphic/video design for your SEO needs.

PUBLIC speaking services

BCO Consulting Group also offer public presentations for group workshops for private and public events, to learn about our most recent collaborations, click HERE

public speaking services

BCO Consulting Group has many years of experience creating successful conferences, events and meetings for individuals and organizations. Our bilingual team can help you in many ways, this could range from a company convention, a management workshop or sales meeting as well as speaking to the workforce about quality control, search engine optimization, and all business-related subjects. 


Our success has been driven by our passion for great service. Hear what business owners are saying about us:

Larissa’s work ethics are 100% committed and passionate to her job. She will go beyond the limits to get any project accomplished in the best way and interest for the company. Pays good attention to details, but most important, reads very well between the lines, which is fundamental for her responsibility


BCO Consulting Group was truly helpful. Larissa is very knowledgeable and efficient with her work. In one hour, she helped me more that I have accomplished by myself in over a year! If you are needing professional help, contact them. Highly recommend. Also parking in this office building is very easy and convenient which you don’t find often in Austin.


 I had the privilege to work with Larissa Dávila from BCO Consulting Group to work a marketing strategic plan. I have a great admiration for Larissa abilities and work dedication. She was able to understand my business needs and provide insights that were practical, as well innovative ideas for my new market.

I. Bayona

Had truly an amazing experience at BCO! Larissa allowed me to learn and expand my horizon in terms of business and as an individual. Forever grateful.


I have been fortunate to work with Larissa Davila. She is focused and knowledgeable on quality control and process standardization. I highly recommend her for any company needing this type of service. Her capability as a bilingual professional is definitely a plus!


BCO Group are very responsible and knowledgeable. We are extremely satisfied with their work and we highly recommend them.



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